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Tim TroutmanTim Troutman - Sales Manager

I began working with doors around 1980, in the foolish impetuousness of youth, I was not wise enough to escape when I could. In 1984 I received my Basic and Advanced Certification as a locksmith. Shortly thereafter, I began Estimating and Outside Sales. Studied Commercial Blueprint Reading at Pima Community College and STILL can’t figure out what they’ve drawn. Have spent over 20 years associated with some of the best people in the business and still enjoy coming to work every day.

Clyde TurbeauxClyde Turbeaux - Hollow Metal Estimator both divisions.

Age 26
Former Olympic Decathlon Champion
Worked Hollow Metal six months.
Currently on medical leave / sabbatical.

GeriBuzz Reed – Estimator-Sales Representative

I began my journey in the door business 40 years ago fabricating Hollow Metal frames. Before long I was prepping doors for hardware and eventually installing doors, frames, and hardware. I got my start in Finish Hardware hand writing Finish Hardware Schedules for a company that only supplied hardware. When they finally decided to venture into the door business and with a little help from me opened a fabrication shop. I worked for that company for 25 years! there I was exposed to many facets of the door business and learned a basic knowledge of Access Control. I learned to also read plans and specs however still scratch my head at some of the drawings.When that company decided to close their doors the opportunity opened at Steel Dor and I was ecstatic they considered this old man. Call me and let experience work for you!

NancyNancy DiFebbo - Accounting Manager

I'm originally from Illinois. I've lived in Tucson most of my life. I'm married and two children and one Grandson. I gained my experience in accounting through college courses and on the job experience. I joined the Steel Dor team in August of 2016.

MissyMissy Lopez – Sales Support-Procurement

My name is Missy Lopez and I have worked for Steel Dor in the areas of Procurement, Scheduling and Sales. Prior to working at Steel Dor I worked as Warranty and Project Manager for 10 years at Architectural Traditions. I have experience in both Residential and Commercial applications and bring negotiation and organization to Steel Dor. We have a great team of Sales, Manufacturing and Fabrication to meet your needs. We want to be your GO TO supplier for Hollow Metal Frames, Doors, Timely frames, Wood doors and finish hardware. Stop by our shop and have a look around.
My hobbies include my Grandson Kenny, hiking, biking, reading and volunteer work I do in the community servicing the needs of women.

DeborahDeborah Escalera – Sales Support-Accounting

I started working at Steel Dor in February 2016. Our office is the friendliest and funniest staff you will want to keep coming in to see and place your orders. I am the friendly voice you hear when you call. I direct calls to the Sales Personnel and take messages. I also do accounts receivable , I take down payments for orders and for remaining balances on orders that are ready for pickup.So when you want to pay I am ready and waiting for your call.

JoeJoe DiFebbo –Production Operations Manager

My name is Joe and I was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. I am married with 2 children and 1 grandson. I have been in the Hollow metal Door, Frame and Hardware industry for over 40 years. I am Production Operations Manager at Steel Dor. Each day is a new challenge for me as i outwit the Sales Staff requests for the difficult to impossible modifications they require. The difficult I can usually do in a couple hours, the impossible usually takes a day or two. We have a great team of installers to conquer any challenges we face in the field.

DwayneDwayne Carey – Installer-Fabrication

My name is Dwayne, I was born in Moline, Ill. We Moved to Tucson when I was very young and I am the third of five boys. I have been in the Hollow Metal Industry for over 20 years doing installation and fabrication. Steel Dor specializes in installation of Commercial and Residential Hollow Metal Doors, Frames, Timely frames, Wood doors and hardware. I am dedicated to providing the highest level of Customer Service and a Superior Product along with Installation to suit your needs and Ideas.

AdamAdam Spears – Fabrication-Installer

My name is Adam and I have been in the Welding and Fabrication Industry for 10 years. I started at the bottom emptying trash and worked my way up. I am passionate about my career in Fabrication, l am excited about working with the best installers in the industry so I can meet your expectations in the field. My beautiful wife's name is Katie and we have 1 boy and 1 girl. My hobbies are Drag racing, riding bikes and nature walks. I love the team at Steel Dor they are down to Earth and care about each other, the employee's, and the Customer.

Sammie Rothrock

66 years young!

I retired from the City of Tucson after 30 years of service.  Was widowed in 2000.

I have two grandsons who are the light of my life. They keep me going with all their endeavors, antics and awards. My animals own the house I live in and they take pride in being thorns in my side.

I’m working at Steel Dor because I don’t know any better!

Trevor Rothrock

Born and raised in Tucson Arizona.

Left Tucson and attended Northern Arizona University for WAY too long of a time. (The time line is debatable depending on who you ask. God I wish I were back there now.)

Back at Steel Dor HQ in 2000.
Implemented computer systems and removed the handwriting of pretty much everything. (See link to ENRON.) I have been the IT staff ever since. (Many times there will be a bottle of something alcoholic in, on or under my desk.)  If there is one thing that I could have everyone understand is P.I.C.N.I.C. (Problem In Chair, Not In Computer). My detractors subscribe to C.O.S.I.N.E. (Computers Obviously Suck In Numerous Edifices).

I enjoy spending time with my family and trying to golf whenever there are no computer problems or issues, needless to say, I don’t get to do either one very much.

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